For Groups

Gastromolino's dining room has a maximum capacity of 16 people and due to the distribution of space, we only admit a maximum of four people per reservation. But do not worry: if you are more than four we have many options for you.

The best choice, for lunch

Tasting menu 25 € per person

The best option, for lunch.Tasting menu - 25 € per personGastromolino's monthly menu is also available for groups of more than 4 people. We just have to plan it well to be able to place you in the dining room.  Contact us so we can help you make your reservation.

Outside the windmill, but subject to availability

Tasting at the doors of the mill

Miller's breakfast 4 € per person

The best way to start the day: a breakfast with hot drinks and traditional sweets between windmills.
Includes: coffee or infusion + typical sweets

Wine 3,50 € per person

Two varieties of D.O. Mancha wine (red and white) to be tasted between windmills.
Includes: two types of wine.

In a casserole 13 € per person

Beans with bull's tail, carcamusas toledanas, migas manchegas... a different spoon dish every day.
Includes: stew of the day. Not available weekends and holidays.

Cheese and wine7 € per person

Two varieties of D.O. Mancha wine (red and white) + three types of cheese (cured, semi-cured and tender).
Includes: two wines + three cheeses.